"For the full-contact stick fighter, Luis' approach to staff has huge appeal. He demonstrates outstanding range and timing, with hardcore commitment."


Loki Jorgenson, instructor of Pekiti-Tirsia & Dog Brothers’ MA

Jogo do Pau - bad tölz (GermanY)
München (Bad Tölz), Germany

"Luis delivers content that is both grounded in solid body mechanics and tactically relevant and applicable to all martial artists regardless of discipline. His 'in-context' approach to training martial skills helps students not only learn but easily apply new techniques outside of drills in an efficient and effective manner. He has certainly had a positive impact on the way that I teach and train".

Jogo do Pau porto
Porto, Portugal

"Luis Preto teaching is second to none! I`m in the Martial Arts for 12 years already and I can say for my experience that what he is teaching about posture, biomechanics, movement in and footwork in combat scenarios is applied also in other fields of martial arts. He will always be a big influence for me and I will be grateful to him for all my life. Rarely can you see updated scientific approach mixed with original methodologies applied in the field combat. Obrigado Luis!"

Jogo do Pau - Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

"While working with us at Blood and Iron Martial Arts, our skills as a club improved dramatically as a result of his tutelage. Not only did our students gain from Luis' skill as a teacher, but our instructor team benefited immeasurably from his insightful coaching. He was an exemplary training partner, and brilliant coach for our head instructor. Luis is a patient tutor with a keen eye for the minutiae and detail of fine body mechanics. During his tenure at Blood and Iron Martial Arts he quickly became a favourite teacher among our students, and became the Head Coach of our fight team".


Lee Smith, Blood & Iron Martial Arts’ lead instructor

"Luis Preto’s mentality in the martial arts is that if a fighting system cannot be adapted to suit the fighter, it is because it is built around the individuality of the creator, which means it will deteriorate over time and is no good for anyone else. Luis studies your potential as a stick fighter and adapts the technical aspects of the system to your fitness capacity, physical and psychological ability and goals. While respecting the fundamental aspects of the system, it just makes it efficient for you".


Pedro Escudeiro, Aikido instructor & chiropractor 

Jogo do Pau - Houston (USA)
Houston, TX, USA

"I had the pleasure of meeting Luis Preto at the 2nd Arts of Mars WWOLC in Germany, mid 2010. With interest I followed his lecture on methodologies in teaching martial arts and a workshop Jogo Do Pau. Not only was I amazed by Luis' footwork and agility, the skills of Jogo Do Pau were certainly of interest to me in relation to practicing longsword. I got to know Luis as a person who takes teaching very serious though who's also very funny, even if you serve him a non-alcoholic drink ;-). Luis' enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge make him today an important representative of Jogo Do Pau worldwide, and a prominent figure in the world of Historical European Martial Arts". 

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