10 Lesson program for one handed weapons

(batons and short swords)

"You must attack first and keep attacking
until the danger subdues

Miyamoto Musashi

"Quickly attack the ones on the outer ends,
before the others turn against you

Jogo do Pau, multiple opponent combat tutorial

Up ahead:
  1. Who can benefit from this tutorial 
  2. What this tutorial offers 
  3. How this tutorial can fit your practice

1. Who can benefit from this tutorial?

EVERYONE(wielding one handed weapons)

The need to handle multiple opponents looking to surround the outnumbered combatant generates a universal skill set.

Therefore, this skill set's (1) Footwork(2) Swinging techniques & (3) Offensive tactics are of interest to:

  • Eastern and Western schools of thought 
  • Blunt and bladed weapons

    2. What does this tutorial offer?

    A) A ready to use training blueprint 
    • 25 drills organized into a 10 lesson program

      B) Photo demonstrations
      • Of technique for both left & right handers

      C) Coaching tips 
      • Common mistakes and corrective strategies

      3. How can this tutorial fit your practice? 

      For a combat blueprint, only a fraction of a system is needed.
      Knowing the whole system 
      "merely" adds more tools. 

      This program merges a selection of the system's main tools, to teach outnumbered combat aan add-on to one's regular practice

      How? Practice each lesson twice per week over 2 weeks 
      (30 minutes each time).

      • The 1st week for familiarization with the new contents 
      • The 2nd week for refinement and consolidation

      The organization of the skill set (simple to complex) promotes the continued retention of previous skills as new contents are added

      At 5 months one full go at the program is doneA 2nd go should follow for refinement, especially regarding sparring application.  

      5 month training program that:

      Saves on travelling to seminars 
       Allows for learning at your pace
      Includes photos for left and right handers

      Jogo do Pau, multiple opponent combat tutorial

      Available on an Amazon near you 
      (paperback black and white 
      & kindle* - with colour photos) 

      *Also runs on smartphones & tablets

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