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Jogo do Pau Training Answers

Simpler training  +  Improved performance 


Do you have right training key to excel? 
It's "ONLY" your time and effort at stake

From Jogo do Pau specific practice, to the improvement of universal skills such as distance management, parrying skill, power generation and tactical savvy, coach Preto's Jogo do Pau Training Answers program provides ALL MARTIAL ARTISTS interested in weapon combat with: 

  • An analysis & systematization of martial skill-sets
    (technique & tactics)

  • Practical training methodologies

  • A coaching foundation
    (teaching & conditioning)

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Luis Preto - Jogo do Pau instructorCoach Preto:
Undergrad in Physical Education (FMH / Lisbon)
Masters in Sport Teaching Methodologies (ULHT/ Lisbon) 
Masters in Coaching Sciences (UBC / Vancouver)

Martial experience: 
Qualified instructor in Karate, Jogo do Pau, Geoff Thompson's reality based self-defence method and Wrestling. Plus, strong interactions with the fields of Eskrima, Historical fencing, Aikido, Systema and Judo.

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