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Traditional martial arts & Effectiveness - Part 3 (of 3)

For martial arts training conditions to preserve each art's skill-set, while unable to access all-out-combat, how to manage sparring regarding gear & rule-set? 

Dissecting sparring

Here's a brief presentation of the main intricacies of sparring practice.


Based on this presentation, together with the premises presented on the previous post, here are a few thoughts you may find useful:

  • Choose the gear that allows you to practice at max speed
    • Should such gear be lighter, it may alter technique.

      In such cases, use the original weapons in (sub-maximum speed) drills, and adapted weapons in sparring and maximum speed drills

  • Respect the hits you receive 
    • Refrain from hitting your opponent in the immediate aftermath of getting hit (scoring wise, such strikes should not be validated).

      Focus, instead, on finding a different reaction that allows you to strike while avoiding getting hit.

      Within a real all-out-fight, stars may align so as to strike after getting hit (adrenalin, bad targeting from foe, etc). When that is so, the heat of the moment will naturally make it happen.

      In training, however, don't set such potentially suicidal approach as your default system (much like the trapeze artist replacing the wire with a board, in the sense that the skill-set is altered ... only in this case, in a potentially harmful way - negative carryover)

For those looking at martial practice as more than just a leisure-centred (competitive) sparring game, the search for the least crappy simulator of all-out-combat is a never ending one. 

However, this analysis and its resulting guidelines will hopefully provide a good starting point to those looking to keep their sparring pratice in-line with their art's martial foundations. 

Upon doing so, then it is up to each individual to choose how much of a safety net he or she wants to use in drills and sparring and, thus, to which degree of psychological stress each individual is capable of performing the art's skill-set with due proficiency.

That's all for this week ... wish you a most enjoyable weekend, cheers!

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