The evolution of Jogo do Pau (DVD)
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Historical fencing lessons from an art resisting the test of time

Jogo do Pau's structured curriculum, product of an unbroken lineage of several centuries of practice, can be a helpful blueprint for HEMA.

This DVD presents the evolution technique and tactics as an adaptation to different combat circumstances, culminating in the improved selection of:

1. Starting position

2. Parrying technique

3. Defensive footwork

4. Counter attack selection

5. Striking technique


Jogo do Pau and Historical fencing

A systematization of German longsword combat tactics, for improved sparring performance.



“A good understanding of the interrelationships between guards, attacks and parries helps in creating a good perception of timing and distance. 

In such the DVD proves useful to practitioners and instructors of weapon arts, both modern and historical: the mentioned correlations are well explained and lead to simple pointers in the making of tactical decisions.

The pros and cons of stances and attacks are clearly demonstrated and in addendum illustrated in relation to the German school of the longsword.”  

Alwin Goethals
Lead instructor of SWARTA (HEMA)

"Overall, Luis is a very clear speaker and a precise, professional instructor and a skilled stick fighter. 

On top of this, his pedagogic background and skills are strongly coming out in this DVD, that I certainly recommend to any western martial artists (well, any martial artists). 

Plus, the location of the video is certainly evocative and just about right.”

Marco Quarta
HEMA/WMA instructor


“As always, Luis anticipates training concerns and both mechanical and technical questions, providing answers and solutions to most of the issues that arise in training.”

Roland Cooper
Instructor at Academie Duello (MENA / WMA)

Luis presents a clear picture of the evolution of Jogo do Pau from group combat to one-on-one sport and in doing so gives many useful insights into tactical and physical training for modern sword practice.

Devon Boorman
Lead instructor of Academie Duello (HEMA / WMA)

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