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Decision making in weapon based martial arts (DVD)

A context centred combat blueprint which covers:

  1. Delivery of the first strike 
  2. Selection of defensive reactions
  3. Awareness of counter striking options
  4. Management of long exchanges


PLUS, defensive guidelines present you both a systematization of parries into two parrying systems, and input on how to choose the best parry according to:

  • One’s position: 

    • Starting position   

    • Upon finishing a strike
  • The dominant side of one’s foe:  

    • Right-handed foes  

    • Left handed foes 




“Super clear demo, great DVD concept, fabulous editing and just great advice on combat training.

It is a must-have for anyone who wishes to take combat training to the next level. I have watched several times and it still keeps teaching me new tricks. 

Great value for is and hour and a half of pure combat insight!!!”

Peter Archer

“Therefore, the material in the video addresses the options, problems and solution in the sector of offense, defense, counter attacking etc.
Still, that is not the best part! 

For me the absolute treat of this presentation are the chapters on Combat management, Decision pyramid for selecting countering options, and Guiding rationale for the counters with double-handed weapons.”

Dragan Milojevic,
Systema and Filipino martial arts instructor

“I`ve seen a lot of DVD`s and it`s the first time I`ve seen a DVD with everything one needs, from beginner to advance, in the craft of using weapons: strategy, tactics and techniques are everywhere, but the way to put it together takes time and pain. 

Luis Preto makes those bridges for you – gives you a «decision pyramid» and accelerates your thought. It`s up to you to put it into play.”

Pedro Silva,
Head FMA instructor for FMA-Portugal

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