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A practical guide for coaches, parents and athletes

This book bridges the gap between research on sports-teaching & the practical day-to-day work of teaching sport skills. 

All in all, teaching is made simple and effective by sharing great insight on:

  • What makes up movement software 

  • How motor skills develop as an adaptation to opponent's traits, game rules & one's body image 

  • The training of psychological variables  

  • A teaching system that optimizes: 

    • Motivation & concentration 

    • Coordination & Memorization 

    • Transfer from drills to game performance

These topics are covered using concepts and teaching examples. This makes reading this book easy for everyone (regardless of previous studies), and immediately impacts (positively) all future teaching endeavours.


“After explaining how our movement software works, Luis Preto gave us way to teach new technics in a tactical environment, and every time it is based on pretty good example. For me this is a must-have for all martial-art teacher”

HEMA instructor

“By reading this book you will learn how to use most appropriate methods for the skill level of your students and then maximise the retention of their improved motor skills.”

“In short this is a book that I cannot recommend enough to anyone wanting to improve their coaching ability.”

“Obviously I am interested in the coaching of martial arts, however the information contained within this book will benefit anyone involved in coaching any physical skill or sport.”

Paul Genge,
Systema instructor

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